Watch: It’s a ‘Snow White’ Trailer-Off!

Personally, I blame Harry Potter. Once it became apparent that there’s a huge appetite for fables about enchanted happenings at the movie theaters, AND that simply throwing together some lame xerox of JK Rowling’s finest (only) creation wasn’t going to do the trick, enterprising film-makers immediately started digging through old copies of Grimm’s Fairy Tales or Aesop’s Fables looking for inspiration.

And as is often the case in Hollywood, inspiration strikes in many places  at once. Which leaves us with not one but two trailers for films based on the story of Snow White.

The first stars Twilight’s Kristen Stewart as the girl considered to be “the fairest in the land” (no sniggering, it’s not nice), with Charlize Theron as the Queen. It’s called Snow White and the Huntsman,  with Chris Hemsworth plays the beefcake with the axe.

The second is Mirror, Mirror, a more playful, camper affair, staring Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, and Sean Bean.

But, which is the fairest of them all? Well you decide! Tell us here:

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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