WATCH: Five Outrageously Great Graham Norton Moments

Cyndi Lauper, Joe Mande, host Graham Norton, Michelle Buteau, and Christian Finnegan on the set of 'Would You Rather?'

Our friends at Buzzfeed have done yet another absolutely fabulous post ahead of the Saturday, December 3 premiere of Would You Rather? with Graham Nortonthe 15 Outrageously Amazing Graham Norton Moments, going back as far as his So Graham Norton days. Well, we have a few chuckle-worthy additions we’d like to offer up. Watch as Mr. Norton…

1. Gets John Cleese to open up about his divorces and “age-inappropriate” love interest:

2. Beds a bevy of Footballers Wive$ (Graham comes in at 3:00)

3. Engages in some competitive teapot blowing

4. Plays Anna Paquin a song written about her “scrunching face”

5. Unrolls a giant body condom over an audience member

What other Graham Norton moments would you add to the list?

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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