Monthly Archives: November 2011

Seven Memorable Ken Russell Moments (#RIP)

The eternal Enfant Terrible of British cinema is gone.

BBC News reports that Ken Russell died last night at age 84. Best-known for his Oscar-winning Women in Love and the kinetic Who musical Tommy, Russell leaves behind a filmography that still shocks and awes to this day.

Oscar Wilde’s Tombstone Damaged By Kisses

There’s a statue in Pere Lachaise cemetery, which guards the final resting place of Oscar Wilde. For some reason, over the past 20 years, it has become the custom for people visiting the tomb to give it a kiss.

How To Dress Like Jeremy Clarkson

Why should the sci-fi fans get all the dressing-up fun? Over the summer we ran a series of articles offering suggestions as to how best to dress like any of the eleven Doctors in Doctor Who, but really, where’s the challenge in …

Why the Paris of ‘Hugo’ Sounds a Lot Like London

Martin Scorsese’s new 3D children’s epic Hugo is out now with a cast dominated by Brits. An interesting fact given that it’s inspired by a children’s best-seller written by an American author — and set among the French …