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Henry Cavill in 'Immortals'

American moviegoers will get their first good look at the dashing Englishman who would be the Man of Steel when Immortals opens this Friday (Nov. 11).

Actor Henry Cavill, 28, currently filming the Superman reboot movie, stars in the sword-and-sandals 3D epic set in ancient Greece. It’s his first leading role on the big screen, though he is already familiar to viewers of the television series The Tudors for his portrayal of Charles Brandon, a courtier to Henry VIII, and he earlier had smaller roles in such films as Tristan + Isolde (2006), Blood Creek (2009) and Whatever Works (2009).

Cavill spends much of Immortals running around shirtless or in a shortie toga. He plays Theseus, a young stonemason who leads the fight against an evil, megalomaniacal monarch (Mickey Rourke) bent on world domination.

The actor has been out promoting the movie, including an appearance on Monday night with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, in which Cavill talked up Immortals, discussed stepping into Superman’s tights, and said that a few years back he was the runner-up to Daniel Craig for the James Bond role.

Immortals is directed by Indian-born Tarsem Singh, whose previous credits include the hallucinatory The Cell and The Fall.


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By Leah Rozen