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Adele Caps Record-Breaking 2011 With Six Grammy Nominations

That Adele would cap her astonishing, record-annihilating 2011 with a slew of Grammy nominations was a foregone conclusion. She is Grammy voter catnip. (She already won Best New Artist a few years back.

‘Would You Rather’ Question of the Day: ‘Tudors’ Edition

Our week of “Would You Rather” questions, in celebration of Graham Norton‘s new show premiering Saturday (December 3), has reached Hump Day, so to speak. Today, we venture into the lusty world of The Tudors and offer …

Daniel Craig vs. The Kardashians: It’s War

One of the reasons Daniel Craig is such an imposing figure as an actor is the very real seriousness he brings to his everyday encounters with people. Well, I say people, when I really mean journalists.

Michael Fassbender’s Highly Productive 2011: A Look Back

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but here’s to being thankful this year for Michael Fassbender.

Five Great British Adele Alternatives

Seeing as the great lady herself is somewhat incapacitated for the time being, and we’re feeling public spirited, here are five British singers who could serve as a temporary stand-in for the great Adele, until she’s feeling …

Salute! It’s Bryan Ferry CBE

The Queen has awarded Bryan Ferry, the singer with Roxy Music, his CBE today, in a brief ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The award is in recognition of his 40-year career as a singer and hitmaker.

WATCH: Five Outrageously Great Graham Norton Moments

Our friends at Buzzfeed have done yet another absolutely fabulous post ahead of the Saturday, December 3 premiere of Would You Rather? with Graham Norton — the 15 Outrageously Amazing Graham Norton Moments, going back as far as …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Countdown to Christmas

So, the Christmas Special trailer has come and gone, the Children In Need special in which Matt Smith is stripped of his kit by rampaging viewers has thrilled and titillated Whovians the world over and the BBC One trailer which puts …

‘Would You Rather?’ Question of the Day: 24 Hours in the ER vs. Ramsay’s Kitchen

We continue our countdown to the Saturday, December 3 premiere of Would You Rather? with Graham Norton with our a few BBCA-related “Would You Rather?” questions of our own.

Five Great Ancient British Landmarks

It’s shocking to think about how many opportunities there must have been to destroy Stonehenge over the years. I mean those monoliths are about 5,000 years old, and it’s only been the last 40 years or so that the site has …