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Top Gear UK has an item on its website for über-rich auto enthusiasts who care more about cars than their homes. With the eleMMent palazzo, the world’s most expensive motor home, they won’t even have to choose. And at a cost of $3 million, why should they be bothered about the bizarre capitalization of its name?

The eleMMent palazzo

Top Gear UK offers up a photo gallery and points out that Marchi Mobile, the Austrian company that designed the postmodern house-on-wheels, made sure to include a bar, a rainfall shower, and a pop-up roof terrace. And in case the palazzo doesn’t attract enough attention already, it also glows in the dark. “But,” writes Top Gear, “we can’t help but think that, no matter how much you spend on your colossal wheeled gin palace, you’ll still basically pooing in your own cupboard.”

Top Gear UK pointed out that the show also tried its hand at designing motor homes, and that the results included fires and other mayhem. But then again, for the boys, motor homes are more for racing than living in:

• fans voted for the top 40 best Top Gear challenges of all-time, which will be revealed in the Top Gear Top 40 specials beginning Monday, November 28 at 8/7c (featuring commentary from TG executive producer Andy Wilman). The website is rolling out the challenges that just missed the on-air cut, starting with No. 45: Parkour vs. Peugeot 207.

• What would movies be without cars? No Ronin, Bullitt, Christine, or Those Daring Young Men in their Jaunty Jalopies. Not even, if you think about it, Ben Hur – how do you think they filmed the chariot race? So it’s only natural that Top Gear celebrates cars in cinema. Car chases, car crashes, cars blowing up, make-out sessions in the back of cars. Well, you probably won’t get that last item in the upcoming Top Gear at the Movies DVD, but you never know. Here’s a preview:

• Do you own Forza Motorsport 4 and want some tips on how to get a crazy-fast lap on the Top Gear track? Well, IGN sat down with the Forza World Champion, who revealed his secrets in this video:

• The BBC has been uploading clips of James May‘s UK show, James May’s Man Lab, on which he attempts to help modern-day dudes, emasculated by technology, relearn some old-fashioned manly skills. In the first clip, May and his Drinks to Britain partner-in-crime Oz Clarke go on the run (from what is unclear) and attempt to camouflage themselves by slathering mud all over their bodies.

Here’s Captain Slow, via an earpiece, teaching his awkward assistant Rory how to talk to the ladies in a bar. Rule No. 1: when chatting up a potential date, don’t also converse with the guy feeding you advice through an earpiece.

And here, James attempts to pencil-sketch a portrait of his sound technician. The results are… interesting.

• Here’s another sneak peak of Jeremy Clarkson’s new Powered Up DVD. In the newest preview, Clarkson sets up a race between two Ferraris – the 458 and the FF, which Clarkson drives himself.

“I love Ferraris, they just feel different,” said Clarkson, “and when I say different, I mean better. There’s a lightness to them. What they do is they scamper.  Some  cars lope, some sprint, some grip.  The modern Ferrari scampers. It’s like a little puppy on the wall.”

It may be the only video anywhere that makes a case for a Ferrari by using a puddle of urine. Take a look, courtesy of Top Gear’s UK TV blog Transmission.

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