Monthly Archives: October 2011

Elizabeth Tudor, Screen Queen

Good Queen Bess. The Virgin Queen. Elizabeth Tudor.

Royal Roundup: Kate Hosts Her First Solo Engagement

Filling in for her father-in-law Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cambridge performed her first official engagement on her own, a private reception for Kind Direct at Clarence House.

Technology 2 – English Language O

Apple has heavily touted its iPhone 4S’s new voice recognition feature known as Siri, which is supposed to understand what you say to it and actually answer back using words.

Peter Frampton on ‘Frampton Comes Alive! 35′ and Becoming a U.S. Citizen: ‘I Wanted to Vote’

“Double live set from Peter Frampton should be the one to finally establish the British singer/guitarist as a superstar-level performer.” So said Billboard in 1976, and they were right. Frampton Comes Alive!

Top Gear Thursday: Care to Drop $3 Million on a Motor Home?

Top Gear UK has an item on its website for über-rich auto enthusiasts who care more about cars than their homes. With the eleMMent palazzo, the world’s most expensive motor home, they won’t even have to choose.

Roland Emmerich to Scholars: ‘Produce Written Evidence Shakespare Did Those Plays’

German-born director Roland Emmerich — best known for directing Hollywood disaster epics like Independence Day — has turned his hand to Shakespeare, or, more specifically, to the costume drama and thriller Anonymous. The …

How To Throw Your Own ‘Doctor Who’ Holiday Party

As we’ve seen at Comic-Con and all the other Cons, Doctor Who fans are truly some of the most creative folks out there – and they also know how to have a good time. With the holidays upon us, what better way to celebrate …

Coroner: Winehouse’s Death Was the Result of Alcohol Poisoning

The formal inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death has concluded that she died of alcohol poisoning. Tests found her blood alcohol levels to be five times the legal limit for driving, enough to affect her breathing and put her into a …

Battle Over Hit Series is Getting ‘Downton’ and Dirty

The tremendously popular British series Downton Abbey portrays the social impact of World War I, but the biggest battle being waged right now is between critics and defenders of the show in the British media.

Royal Roundup: The Queen’s Not the Only Roving Royal

The Queen continues her 10-day Australian trip, but other members of the royal family are on the move as well.