12-Year-Old Makes Real-Life ‘Angry Birds’ Game – With Pumpkins

Sam Beard's Warwickshire Angry Birds (YouTube)

Doesn’t everyone think that life should be more like Angry Birds?

A 12-year-old from Warwickshire, England decided to do something about it.

Young Sam Beards combined his Angry Birds obsession with his father’s Halloween invention – a £500  ($800) cannon that shoots pumpkins in the air – to create the ultimate real-life version of the game.

Sam, his sister Jessica and two brothers, Ben and Davy, paint the pumpkins as birds or pigs, and the compressed-air canon fires them – as far as half a kilometer (almost a third of a mile), the Metro reported.

Father Dorian Beards told the paper: “We fire it every two hours in the run up to Halloween, which all the kids seem to love.”