Monthly Archives: October 2011

Royal Roundup: After Great Aussie Barbecue, Queen is Back Home

The Queen’s trip to Australia is over, and pundits everywhere are calling it a complete success on every level.

Five Things You Might Not Have Known About Boris Karloff

You might not have known it, but this past weekend was Boris Karloff weekend. And not just in the sense that every Halloween is spiritually overseen by the famous horror movie actor.

‘Anonymous’ Star: ‘No Convincing Evidence’ That Shakespeare Was Shakespeare

The new historical thriller Anonymous has Welsh actor Rhys Ifans in a high profile role playing the Earl of Oxford in a film which presents the courtier as the true author of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. Anglophenia sat down …

WATCH: David Tennant’s ‘Doctor Who’ Leaving Video

I’m not sure quite why this has taken as long as it has to reach the internet, but this is the video made by the cast and crew of Doctor Who as a special goodbye to David Tennant, when he left the show in 2009. And as you’d …

PHOTOS: ‘Doctor Who’ and BBC America Fans in Costume

BBC America received hundreds of entries in its Costume Contest. The winners have been announced, but here are 24 submissions we've selected as honorable mentions. Perhaps you'll find some last-minute inspiration for your own Halloween cosplay...

12-Year-Old Makes Real-Life ‘Angry Birds’ Game – With Pumpkins

Doesn’t everyone think that life should be more like Angry Birds?

A 12-year-old from Warwickshire, England decided to do something about it.

J.K. Rowling: ‘I Nearly Killed Off Ron Weasley’

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ll know one of the common threads of all of the stories is that poor Ron Weasley gets the rough end of the stick more often than most. Not as often as Neville Longbottom, but then Neville …

Adele Fans Panic As Cancer Rumor Sweeps Across Twitter

Social media is a lot of things; engaging, fun, a source of perpetual gossip; but it is not to be relied upon as a source of factual information, unless each tweet comes with a link to a respected news source.

Royal Roundup: Historic Changes to Royal Succession Laws Approved

Leaders of the Commonwealth nations have unanimously approved sweeping changes in the succession of the British monarchy.

Former ‘Doctor Who’ Star Billie Piper Expecting Second Child

Actress Billie Piper and her husband Laurence Fox will add another little sprog to their growing family: the former Doctor Who and Secret Diary of a Call Girl star is pregnant with her second child, The Daily Mail reports. Piper and …