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Matt Smith in 'Closing Time'

Doctor Who can be a fun romp, yes, but it can also be truly, deeply frightening, tapping mercilessly into childhood fears. Afraid of what lurks in the shadows? There could be Vashta Nerada in the darkness, ready to strip the flesh off your bones. Do ancient statues, with their death-like stillness, give you the oogly-booglies (as they have always done for me)? Well, they could be Weeping Angels, lunging at you if you dare take your eyes off them for a millisecond. Oh, Steven Moffat, how you’ve haunted and traumatized me!

The folks over at the Doctor Who Facebook page asked Matt Smith what his scariest Doctor Who moment was, and he’s submitted his own video response via VYou. What Who moment has most spooked you? Record your own response here using your your Webcam, and watch the video replies of other DW fans.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.