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Britney Spears in October's Glamour.

Celebrities are piling on their love for Kate Middleton, no slouch in the celebrity department herself.

In recent weeks, the Duchess of Cambridge has gotten celebrity love from Anne Hathaway and Queen Latifah. (And before that, let’s not forget her Hollywood trip.)

This week, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears, via Glamour UK, who offered their praise for Kate, though the gush factor seemed at a slightly lower level.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s comments came during a Glamour-hosted Twitter interview in which she was asked to name her style icons. She answered: “So many. Ingrid Bergman & the way Kate Moss dresses & the Duchess of Cambridge.” That was it from the Sex and the City star about Kate. Maybe we’ll hear more.

In an interview with Glamour, Britney Spears was more effusive, but more goofy. The magazine apparently asked her about a rumored crush Prince William had on her during his teen years. She said she “had no idea” but thought it was “hilarious.” Interestingly, if you do some Googling, you’ll find some reports from years back that William had spurned a dinner invitation from the singer when they were both in their teens.

Anyway, whatever their past, Britney, turning 30 and in the UK for a music tour, apparently still wants to be friends, and she told Glamour that she’d like to invite the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to one of her concerts. ‘That would be amazing,” she said. “That would be really crazy and cool. I think they’re a beautiful couple.”

But here’s the kicker: “Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the wedding,” the pop tart admitted, “but I heard it was beautiful.” (via The Metro)

In other royal related news:

• Royal watchers are eager for Saturday’s Braemar Gathering, an annual sporting and dance event in the Scottish highlands, believed to have been originated in the time of Malcolm III, who ruled Scotland from 1058 to 1093. In more recent times, since Queen Victoria’s reign, England’s monarch has been the patron of the Braemar Royal Highland Society, which organizes the games, so the Queen and Prince Philip are expected to be there. And they may be bringing Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha, who are their guests at nearby Balmoral this weekend. But William Meston, the secretary of the Braemar Royal Highland Society, says people shouldn’t expect to see Kate and William. “We would have been hopeful that the newly-weds would come,” he told the Scotsman, “but I think that’s highly unlikely.”

• Speaking of Balmoral, there’s a job opening there. The Queen’s estate in Scotland is looking for a head gardener. According to the “situations vacant” posting on the Balmoral website, the applicants, in addition to being “experienced in all aspects of gardening and be capable of meeting the high standards required at this important property” should also be “self-motivated, capable of working with minimal supervision and should have good management skills, including personnel management.”

• It sounds as though there might be some other job openings at Balmoral. The Daily Mail reports that the Queen was furious when she discovered recently that her dogs were being given meals that were frozen and then reheated. The Queen, who feeds her Corgis herself, was reportedly shocked to find that the dogs’ food was not completely defrosted. She insists that her dogs get only freshly prepared food. “Quite simply she went bonkers,” The Mail cites a “royal insider” as saying. “The chefs were acutely embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. Obviously one of them had been far too casual in his attitude and had just thought it was for the dogs, so it didn’t matter. But he clearly didn’t know what they mean to the Queen.” It wasn’t clear whether this was an isolated incident. But the insider suggested that there might be repercussions if her dogs have been regularly getting frozen food: “If the Queen finds out that is the case, then heads may roll.”

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By Paul Hechinger