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Matt Smith at Oakley Junior School

A group of young students from Oakley Junior School in Hampshire, England were left gobsmacked when Matt Smith made a surprise appearance at their school.

Three students had won the Script to Screen competition, in which Doctor Who producers gave young people at a chance to write their own three-minute episode of the show. Theirs had the Doctor meeting Albert Einstein.

So of course, having invited the three to Cardiff to watch the filming, Matt had to come along to their school and deliver the film, accompanied by Steven Moffat and a watchful Ood.

Watch the video here.

James Corden, who returned to Doctor Who as Craig Owens in last week’s “Closing Time,” has created his own fan episode of the show (via our friends at Buzzfeed). And he nailed an A-list guest star a.k.a. Matt Smith himself.

Watch James get clobbered by a Dalek below:

Here’s the 13-minute Confidential for “Closing Time”:

io9 previews Saturday’s season finale, “The Wedding of River Song”: “People often described Russell T. Davies‘ tenure as Doctor Who producer as reminiscent of a soap opera — but the show has become much more serialized, and more focused on a few core relationships, under Steven Moffat. And Saturday’s big season finale represents the culmination of a lot of Moffat’s sweeping story arcs.”

• Here’s the trailer for “The Wedding of River Song,” which premieres this Saturday (October 1) at 9/8c:

• And continuing the recent tradition of prequels for select episodes of the show, there’s one for “The Wedding of River Song”:

• Matt Smith is nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the Stonewall Awards, which “celebrate those who have made a positive impact on the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain in the last 12 months.” Smith played pioneering gay author Christopher Isherwood in the BBC telefilm Christopher and His Kind earlier this year.

• If you want to see Alex Kingston as someone other than mysterious River Song, you’re in luck: the star is joining the cast of BBC’s continuation of the classic series, Upstairs Downstairs. According to the Radio Times, she’ll play Blanche Mottershead, younger sister of Lady Holland (the departing Dame Eileen Atkins). “I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to get inside the iconic 165 Eaton Place,” says Alex.

• Speaking of Alex, apparently the actress Tracy-Ann Oberman, who appeared in Doctor Who’s season two finale Army of Ghosts and Doomsday as Yvonne Hartman – last seen crying oil after her conversion to cyberkind – is getting pretty cheesed off with people mistaking her for River Song. The two women don’t look all that alike when put side by side, but there’s some kind of perception vortex around poor Tracy-Ann which leads people to confuse her for Alex Kingston. She’s been tweeting about it, saying: “FFS why oh why am I still being inundated with comments questions etc about River Song? Altogether now :: I AM NOT……”

Happy? Is it happy?

• This week’s companion is actually two companions. Romana I, the posh and huffy Nigella Lawson one, and Romana II, the playful married-to-Tom-Baker one. Read all about her here.

• It was only last week we posted details of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and now Gigwise has managed to get pictures from the set. It’ll be upon us before you know it.

Doctor Who has been nominated in the drama category of the National Television Awards. It’s up against stiff competition from the likes of Downton Abbey, Spooks, Merlin, and, uh, Glee. You can vote for whichever show you’d like to win on their website:

Doctor Who continues to ripple outward into American pop culture. NBC’s cheeky cult sitcom Community parodied the show with their amusing fictional series, Inspector Spacetime.

• Meanwhile, over on Den of Geek, there’s an appreciation of the Cybermen, particularly in the light of the most recent episode Closing Time, and how it matches up against previous cyber-outings. It’s a very good read.

• Oh and the results are in from Gigwise’s poll to find out the best Doctor of all time. over 100,000 people voted, and the Top 3 are all post-show-rebirth Doctors. Matt Smith is No.3, Christopher Eccleston is No.2, and David Tennant wins. At the other end of the list, the third least favorite Doctor is Paul McGann, the second least favorite is Sylvester McCoy, and the least favorite is Colin Baker.

Poor Colin. He’s the president of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, and that’s the appreciation he gets for being the Doctor? Boo!

• This is brilliant: a “Dinner with the Silence” comic from Buzzfeed.

• And finally, here’s a very rude French parody of Doctor Who that is pure victoire:

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