Monthly Archives: September 2011

Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz Follow Tradition of Reel-to-Real Romance

Whether Dream House is fabulous or a total turkey – and the fact that the studio didn’t screen it for critics would point toward the latter – for newlyweds Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, it will always be the movie that …

Adele Finally Releases The Video For ‘Someone Like You’

I can’t imagine what use this particularly dingy piece of footage will be, except as a line item in the debit column of Adele’s promotions budget, but an official video for “Someone Like You” has finally been …

A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Adric

When a TV program has been running for as long as Doctor Who, some of the decisions made, whether they be costume, script or casting, can look a little odd, with the benefit of hindsight: the decision to put celery on the Fifth …

News Roundup: Victoria Beckham’s Slipped Disc

We’re well used to the idea that celebrities fiercely guard their privacy at times of high public interest, like when a child is born into their family. But did you know that part of the reason Victoria Beckham wasn’t seen …

British Filmmaker Takes on Sarah Palin

Provocative British documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield has taken on one of the more polarizing figures in American politics with his film Sarah Palin: You Betcha! out in cinemas on Friday (September 30).

Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Finals: Rowling vs. Bonham Carter

Once again, here we are on Center Court. Two strong competitors have survived the test of four weeks and thousands of votes. Either contender will wear the name “champion” with honor and dignity. But only one will be the Anglo Fan Favorite of 2011.

Royal Roundup: Duchess of Cambridge – Budget Shopper

Fashion trendsetter or follower, Kate Middleton’s every shopping venture is widely reported, every purchase infinitely scrutinized.

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Gets a Shout-Out on the U.S. ‘Free Agents’

Is new NBC president Robert Greenblatt a Whovian? For the second time in as many weeks, one of his sitcoms has nodded to the hit British sci-fi series.

Top Gear Thursday: Hammond Delivers Award to 11-Year-Old Hero – Via Helicopter

• When a raging bull attacked his father on the family farm, 11-year-old Tom Phillips jumped into a nearby tractor — which he’d never operated before — and drove the animal away.

News Roundup: Bodice-Ripping Sex Scenes In ‘Downton Abbey’?

The great British period drama has been many things, haughty, educational, dignified, but it’s never been particularly explicit, has it? Colin Firth might have smouldered around in his wet shirt for Pride and Prejudice, but he …