You May As Well Get Used To This New Simon Cowell Show Now…

Simon Cowell

So, a trailer has emerged for the new Simon Cowell-helmed gameshow Red or Black, in which contestants are invited to bet on a series of unlikely challenges, the outcome of which is always a victory for either Red, or Black. The big prize is (of course) £1 million.

It’s supposed to re-create the thrill of playing roulette, but in a far more televisually exciting sort of a way. And you can bet it’s going to be pretty huge, because you can play along at home without having to have any kind of expert knowledge in, well, anything.

As you can see, the show’s coming to ITV soon, and you can bet your last red cent it’ll be over in America before you can say “boy howdy.”

Red Or Black or Dead And Cack? Tell us here:

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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