Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament: Rickman vs. Cumberbatch, Firth vs. Tennant


We’ve reached the semifinals! Down from 32 competitors to the Final Four. Rickman. Cumberbatch. Firth. Tennant. Few could argue with the firepower behind these titanic talents.

Of course, the crowning of our semifinalists has meant that some good men had to fall. The Armitage Army is one of the most tenacious, loyal, and passionate fan bases you’ll find on the web, and Richard Armitage should feel incredibly honored to have them in his corner. In the end, Alan Rickman‘s massive international voting bloc proved too great. Those Cumberbitches (as many of Benedict‘s fans cheekily call themselves) will have to dig deep to overcome his might.

Firth vs. Tennant could have been a final: they are the two most popular stars with the BBC America Facebook crowd. With Tennant in Fright Night this weekend, we should see lots of activity from his followers, but never underestimate Firth’s enduring popularity.

To make things a touch more evenhanded, we’re holding to a one vote per day limit. Launch those campaigns, proselytize, do what you must! But, most of all, vote! We’re only two weeks away from naming the Anglo Fan Favorite of 2011. Voting for this round ends Thursday, August 25th at 11 am ET.


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Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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