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A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Amy Pond

Amy Pond has been waiting for the Doctor practically all of her life.

Not in the sense of other companions, who had been waiting for someone like the Doctor, either somehow hemmed in by what the world has to offer, or just getting on with their lives, without an inkling that a chance meeting with a …

WATCH: What Has Been Karen Gillan’s Most Emotional ‘Doctor Who’ Scene Thus Far?

Continuing our series of Facebook fan questions for the Doctor Who crew, David Vincent Goodwin asks Karen Gillan, “What has been the most emotionally impactful scene you’ve played thus far?” Doctor Who fans, you’ll remember the scene Karen mentions well. And, yeah, it was a bonafide tearjerker.

Top Gear Thursday: ‘Top Gear Korea’ Launches, ‘My Little Pony’ Mashup Goes Viral

• A few Thursdays ago, we took stock of the various foreign versions of Top Gear that have launched in recent years. Well, South Korea’s version of the UK hit, Top Gear Korea, premiered this past weekend, and The Wall Street …

News Roundup: ‘X Factor’ Judge is ‘Sick of Adele,’ Winehouse is Britain’s Best-Seller, Stephen Fry Honors Steve Jobs

• Take That‘s Gary Barlow says he’s “sick” of Adele. Well, he has a good reason to be.

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Scribe Steven Moffat Answers Fan With One Delicious Word

Gotta love Steven Moffat. The man has written some of the most verbally expansive characters in British television history — Benedict Cumberbatch‘s Sherlock, Matt Smith‘s Eleventh Doctor, Jack Davenport‘s Steve …

In ‘Our Idiot Brother,’ Steve Coogan Oozes Smarminess of Past Roles

The chance to see Steve Coogan starkers is only one of many reasons to catch Our Idiot Brother, a beguiling comedy starring Paul Rudd that opens this Friday (Aug. 26).

Dame Helen Mirren, Unlikely Action Hero: Moving on from ‘The Queen’

Dame Helen Mirren believes the tide has begun to turn. People no longer automatically link her to The Queen when they hear her name. “I think they’re getting away from that finally,” she says.

News Roundup: Colin Firth Set For ‘My Fair Lady’ Remake?

Colin Firth is reported (in the Telegraph) to be seriously considering taking the Professor Henry Higgins role in a remake of My Fair Lady, which will also star Carey Mulligan as Eliza Doolittle.

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ On ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’

OK, I grant you, we’re reaching near-saturation point with the trailers and ‘prequels’ and reminders that Doctor Who is very nearly back, and that stuff is going to happen, in a BIG WAY.

Royal Roundup: ‘Harry’s Arctic Journey’ Airs in the UK

Prince Harry continues to reap the lion’s share of royal news this August. Not only is he heading to the U.S.