Monthly Archives: August 2011

WATCH: ‘New Susan Boyle’ Already Declared on New Season of British ‘X Factor’

The narrative is beyond cliché: gawky middle-aged sod turns up to a talent show audition, with clearly delusional hopes of becoming a world superstar. (In our corporate celebrity age, we have been trained to believe that all stars …

Royal Roundup: Kate and William Go to ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’

The Inbetweeners Movie broke the record for the biggest opening weekend of any British-made comedy – and the edgy TV spin-off seemed to be a hit with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well.

‘Absolutely Fabulous’ is Back, Sweetie Dahling, with New Specials

It was only a matter of time before those doyennes of debauchery were back on our screens. Today (August 29), BBC America and the Logo network announced that Absolutely Fabulous would return to American television in three brand-new …

‘Harry Potter’ Aside, British Winners and Losers at Summer’s Box Office

This summer was magical one. That’s because Harry Potter and his fellow wizard pals reigned supreme at the box office.

MTV VMAs Belonged to Three UK Singers – Jessie J, Adele, and Amy Winehouse

Katy Perry wore a cheese on her head. Nicki Minaj wore a SARS mask. Lady Gaga, not content to choose her fashions from a meat locker, well, she underwent a sex change.

Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Finals: Colin Firth vs. Alan Rickman

After four weeks, hundreds of thousands of votes, and 32 competitors, we've reached the moment we've all been waiting for. Two members of British acting royalty will fight for supremacy, but only one can be crowned the Anglo Fan Favorite of 2011.

WATCH: Does Matt Smith Consider How His Performance Might Impact Future Doctors?

Angela Gibson poses a fascinating question to conclude our week of BBC America Facebook fan inquiries for the Doctor Who crew.

‘Control’ Star Sam Riley ‘Desperate’ to Get Work Before ‘Brighton Rock’

British actor Sam Riley recalls that getting cast as the lead in the film Brighton Rock (out today, August 26) came just in time: “I was very desperate for work but also wanting to keep some sort of standard going, and I couldn’t …

Royal Roundup: Wallis Never Wanted to Marry Edward, Author Says

We all know about the famed romance of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, widely viewed as one of the great love stories of the twentieth century, the real-life fairy tale of a king who gave up his empire for the woman he loved.

‘Our Idiot Brother’ is Another Step on Emily Mortimer’s Path to Stardom

It’s a small role, but Brit actress Emily Mortimer shines in the ensemble comedy Our Idiot Brother out today (August 26). She plays a neurotic Brooklyn wife and mother who can’t see what’s happening in front of her …