Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton

Geographical locations loom large in the life of Mischa Barton. Born in Hammersmith, west London, to an Irish mother and a Mancunian father, the whole family moved to New York when Mischa was just six years old.

She grew up there, appearing in off-Broadway shows from the age of eight, and it was only ten or so years later that she shot to fame in a TV series about Orange County, California. The OC made her name, but it also brought a mess of trouble in the shape of the paparazzi and a gossipy media. So now Mischa chooses to live a slightly less observed existence in another location: Paris, France.

Of her jumbled roots, Mischa says this: “I like people to discern that I’m an English-Irish girl who grew up in New York.”

And so that is what we are doing. Hats off, she’s ours.

Here’s a recent interview with Mischa for NylonTV:

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By Fraser McAlpine