WATCH: The Trailer For ‘Brave’, Pixar’s Scottish Epic


Ah Pixar, you lovely people. First you bring toys to life, then you make cars into people, and now you’ve turned your anthropomorphic attention on the land of my forefathers, the Scottish.

Why look at this trailer, that girl is almost human.

Actually, what is extra lovely about this, apart from the scary bear, is that for once, the Scottish people in this Scottish movie are actually played by, y’know, Scottish people. Kelly Macdonald (from Boardwalk Empire and Trainspotting) plays the bear-shooting Princess Merida, and she’s joined by fellow Caledonians Craig Ferguson, Billy Connolly and Kevin McKidd.

The bad news is we’ll all have to wait a year to see the finished film.

Who or what should Pixar give life to next? Tell us here.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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