Warning: John Barrowman Is… Secretly British

John Barrowman

It is just TYPICAL of John Barrowman that he would turn out be an American in a hit British TV show, who was actually British all along. As befits the rapacious needs of his Doctor Who character Captain Jack Harkness, he is clearly neither entirely one thing, nor the other, but happy to play both ends against the middle so long as it suits his needs.

John was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1967. He moved to Illinois when he was nine years old. Which means that he’s one of two people in the TARDIS who has disguised his Scottish accent, the other being David Tennant.

Here he is discussing, and displaying that accent, on a huge range of British TV shows. Watch out for his parents and that bikini incident:

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Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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