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Why Hasn’t Ewan McGregor Conquered Hollywood? A Look at His Career

Ewan McGregor turned 40 this year, which provides as good an excuse as any to take stock of the Scottish-born actor’s career so far. Oddly enough, for all his talent and good looks, with the notable exception of three Star Wars …

Tinie Tempah to Strike a Pose for Calvin Klein?

After ruling over his native Britain with his chart-topping studio debut, Disc-Overy, Tinie Tempah is finally picking up steam on this side of the pond.

Five British Celebrity Couples We Love

Here at Anglophenia, it’s no secret that we adore our Brits, especially those who’ve lucked out in love. But when Colin Firth recently gushed about how his beautiful wife Livia keeps him in line at home, it got us thinking …

Five Great American Things The British Improved

As discussed in our previous essay, Five Great American Things The British Ruined, having a good idea is one thing, executing it to the best of its potential is something else.

Royal Roundup: Web Study Says Pippa More Popular Than Kate

From the moment Pippa Middleton stepped out of the car at Westminster Abbey on April 29 for her big sister Kate‘s royal wedding, all the world’s eyes have been on her. Everyone wants to know what she’s wearing, who …

WATCH: Arctic Monkeys Channel Black Sabbath on ‘Letterman’

The audience may have snickered when David Letterman read the title of their new release, Suck It and See — “I’m being told it’s their Christmas album,” he quipped — but Arctic Monkeys put to rest any …

Amy Winehouse Returns to Rehab

So, Amy Winehouse said yes-yes-yes to rehab? Again?

Five Great American Things The British Ruined

The exchange of ideas between our two proud nations over the last fifty or so years has been a wondrous thing to behold. Our leaders may talk of the “special relationship” between American and Britain in strictly political …

Kate Moss: The Down-To-Earth Supermodel

Kate Moss is not someone who give a lot of interviews. She’s always adhered to the idea that it’s her face that makes her famous and it should probably not be seen yapping away ten to the dozen.

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Stars Reveal What’s on Their iPods

A little bit of Talking Heads here, a little bit of Sinatra there…which songs were in heavy rotation on Arthur Darvill and Matt Smith‘s iPods when they were in New York promoting the new season of Doctor Who? We got the …