Is Robert Pattinson Afraid Of His Own Fans?

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has been giving a fair amount of interviews recently, chiefly to promote his new movie Water For Elephants, and in some of them he’s made comments which suggest that the intense support he receives from Twilight fans is definitely influencing his career choices.

We already know that he refuses to set up a home for himself for fear of it being broken into by souvenir hunters while he’s off filming, and now he’s told Elle magazine that he doesn’t want to risk taking to the stage like his former Harry Potter film-mate Daniel Radcliffe, in case there’s too much interference from the stalls.

He said: “I’d really, really love to do a play in London but I’d just be afraid it would turn into an *NSYNC concert. Or people would come along expecting it to be like Twilight.”

“From the little amount of theatre I’ve done, I know that usually you can feel a push from the audience, who have come along wanting the show to succeed. But when I go to premieres, it’s more like the crowd is pulling, really wanting something from you. I always feel completely drained afterwards. It would be very strange and exhausting to have that kind of experience every night on stage.”

So what does he do instead? Water For Elephants, which he deliberately chose so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of his fanbase.

He told the Independent: “I like the idea of this film but I also thought it was a fairly good career step. It doesn’t alienate the audience or image that I sort of have. Also it’s not like it’s an ultra-violent or ultra-demanding film which is demanding to be taken profoundly. It’s a simple old-fashioned story which isn’t asking too much from the audience.”

Thankfully, there are signs that he’s tackling his fears head-on, if his next project is anything to go by.

Robert said: “I’m doing a David Cronenberg movie next, Cosmopolis with Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti, which I think is a pretty big step for me. After that I’m hoping to be producing something. I’m not entirely sure what yet.”

Is Robert worrying too much? Tell us here.

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