America Gets On The Wrong Side Of Plan B

Plan B

Plan B

Gentle Anglophenians, forgive us for what you are about to receive. It seems an artist that we all thought was poised to do the business on the fair shores of the US, namely Plan B, has been speaking out about his struggle to gain recognition and support. And he’s chosen to do this using some rather graphic language, in a way which perhaps overstates his case.

And when I say perhaps, I mean definitely absolutely and totally. Underlined, in bold, block capitals, period.

It all started so well too. Mr B (Ben Drew, to his mum) was at the Ivor Novello awards yesterday, where he picked up three trophies, including Best Album for “The Defamation of Strickland Banks”. When quizzed about his chances of cracking America with his new soul sound, he explained that getting his songs played on the radio has been a bit of a struggle.

He told Metro: “I’m too white for the black radio stations and I’m too black for white radio stations so nobody knows where to place me.”

Here’s “She Said,” which should help matters somewhat.

But then, as if suddenly possessed by an evil spirit (or overtired and a bit tetchy), he said this: “It just seems to be a lot of c**k sucking that has to go on in order to get your music to get played to the masses and I’m just not prepared to suck c**k really.”

No, I’ve no idea what to say to that either: “Well done”? “Hear hear”?

Might just settle for “righto!” and have done with it.

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Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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