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Dame Helen Mirren (L) as Helena Bonham Carter on 'SNL'

We already knew she wouldn’t spoof the Queen, but Dame Helen Mirren certainly proved her sharp comedic versatility on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. And nothing was off limits.

From her brassy portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt in “The Roosevelts” — which played off the critically-panned television series starring Katie Holmes, The Kennedys — to her hysterical takes on an aged stripper and a ultra-conservative border war expert, Mirren added some well-needed spark to the long-running comedy show. The foxy 65-year-old also provided plenty of oomph in “Helen Mirren’s Magical Bosom” (you get the picture). And when it came to embracing her Englishness, she could do no wrong. Mirren’s gothed-out Helena Bonham Carter impression was fantastic! Viva Dame Helen!

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By MacKenzie Wilson