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A picture on The Guardian's April Fool's Day royal blog. The Latin means, roughly, "Chill out. It's a joke."

April Fool’s Day has been trending as the number one topic for most of today on Twitter in the UK … honest!

Hoaxes abounded all day on the British Isles, and, not surprisingly, some were connected to the royal wedding.

In fact, The Guardian perpetrated one of its own pranks, announcing the launch of a “Royal Wedding Live” blog in which they reported that the wedding had been called off.

An hour or so later, they posted an entry that stated: “Well, this is rather awkward. It seems we’re going to have to interrupt the live blog, perhaps indefinitely. We’ve received a communication from Buckingham Palace suggesting that some of the contents of this blog could contravene the Treason Felony Act of 1848.”

But in the meantime, the blog had already told Britain about an attack on the Legoland model of the royal wedding, and, at 10:37 a.m., ran a headline proclaiming, “First Pictures of Legoland Atrocity Emerge.” Earlier in the day, the blog had also broken the bombshell that French president Nicolas Sarkozy “is using diplomatic back-channels to try to seize control of royal wedding preparations.”

BMW also offered a royal wedding related joke. The car company announced that it was offering a special Royal Edition of its M3 coupe in Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue in a limited edition for one month only. “This clever little prank,” wrote The Telegraph, “is quite easy to fall for after seeing some of the quirky Royal Wedding memorabilia which has surfaced in the run up to the April event.” One clue that it was a joke: the ad advises people who want more information to contact “”

In a non-royal related prank, IGN unveiled a Harry Potter TV spinoff series called The Aurors. “The Harry Potter books and movies have ended, but the epic battle against dark magic rages on,” IGN promised (falsely), while urging fans to see the “official” trailer for the show:

Some great roundups of April Fool’s Day pranks were run by the British media – take a look at The Independent‘s and The Telegraph‘s lists.

And here’s what some Britons tweeted:

GavinLlewellyn: This is probably one of my my favourite #Aprilfoolsday jokes from earlier today: Portugal ‘sells’ Ronaldo to Spain

Therapeutic1: From Linkedin #aprilfoolsday: People you may know – “Robin Hood Activist/ Chief Fundraiser at Nottingham”

PumphreysMaths: Half of my class fell for this #Aprilfoolsday starter:

Deji_Man‎: Someone just used the ‘I was pregnant for you and got rid of the baby without telling you’ #AprilFoolsDay on me

alishaturner28‎: Told my art teacher I’d put my coursework sketchbook on the windowsill and it had fallen out into the drain. He FREAKED! #AprilFoolsDay <3

Olleotg‎: Marks and Spencer’s use goats fur to make all of their clothes. Even underwear. #Aprilfoolsday

PapamarcusXxx‎: Hasn’t been fooled once today 🙂 Ha! In your face #aprilfoolsday

CaterFor‎: #aprilfoolsday Panorama -1957 ran famous hoax – Swiss harvesting spaghetti from trees. viewers contacted BBC – how to grow own spag. trees!

whiteywitters‎: Happy April Fool’s Day or as it’s now known “Nick Clegg Day.” He fooled us good last year when he said he wouldn’t raise tuition fees…

mrderekbowers‎: #aprilfoolsday Don’t believe anything you read. Or if you are a reader of The Sun; just another day!!


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By Paul Hechinger