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Sienna Miller

A tarnished tabloid and a high-stakes horse race are both trending on Twitter in the UK today.

News International

Rupert Murdoch‘s News International, which publishes The News of the World, is admitting liability and offering an “unreserved apology” to celebrities, including actress Sienna Miller, whose phones were hacked by the newspaper.

The company will likely end up paying millions of pounds in damages, as well.

The BBC and other news organizations are reporting that News International has agreed to pay seven other celebrities and public figures in addition to Miller, but at least 24 individuals in total have sued over the News of the World’s invasion of privacy.

Among the others who are reportedly being compensated: Tessa Jowell, former culture secretary, former Sky Sports commentator Andy Gray, and Sky Andrew, the former Olympian and talent agent.

The BBC’s Robert Peston had the story:

Peston: News Int puts its hands up and says sorry – and offer compensation of up to £20m

Peston: News Int tries to settle with Jowell, Hoppen, Andy Gray, Prescott’s aide, Sky Andrew, Nicola Philips, David Mills

1wozza: News International sorry for phone hacking. Sorry that they got caught more like! #naughtynaughty

fauxtronic:‎ Poor News International. They are very sad because the News of the World failed to cover-up (oops, I mean uncover!) important evidence.

BlackburnJA:‎ Too little, too late, News International. #notw #phonehacking

rebeccasbrain:‎ Happy day for Sienna Miller. Good for her.

Grand National, Aintree

The Grand National horse race at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool has been trending today, in advance of the big races there tomorrow.

Today was Ladies Day.

BBCNews: VIDEO: Ladies’ Day a ‘sell-out’ at Aintree

danwalkerbbc: Some of the ladies at Aintree look classy. Some have clearly confused the tanning bottle with a tub of nutella #tantropez

bglendenning: I have *never* seen as many drunk people in one place as the sea of sozzled scouse humanity pouring out of #aintree. It’s marvellous

sacol10: #aintree is going to be fab tomorrow best weather prediction in years how fab even better if #ibackthewinner x

talkSPORT: The loveliest ladies from Ladies Day at Aintree: love the Grand National 


amyfallon: Love woman who wore hat with donuts on it to Aintree. K Middleton should try it for #royalwedding. Could maybe use Wills’ McVitie’s?


steeplechasing: Aintree sell out: Tickets for Saturday now sold out. first time John Smith’s Grand National day has completely sold out since 1984


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By Paul Hechinger