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Geri Halliwell in Glamour.

Twitter trends have been undergoing some technical problems, so it’s a tad difficult to say just where Geri Halliwell and Katy Perry are in the pecking order of today’s trends. But honestly, as far as these two are concerned, do we really need any excuses to post about them?

Geri Halliwell

Metro offers a preview of a May photo shoot of the former Spice girl in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini. “Every woman feels self-conscious when she takes off her clothes but I’ve had that public scrutiny of the way my body has fluctuated up and down,” Halliwell, 38, told Glamour magazine. “Being on the beach is such a lovely feeling but equally can bring up all that fear and dread at the same time.”

Tweeters seemed most concerned with her age.

adelemitch‎ So it’s Geri Halliwell’s bday & she’s claiming to be 38! Pfft, yeah right, shes at least 4 years older than me, maybe even more

theambassador61: How can Geri Halliwell now be only 38? She used to be older than me! I reckon she’s mid 40’s at least. #justsaying


Katy Perry

The pop singer is on tour in the UK, where her songs “E.T.” and “Firework” are #12 and #36 on the  chart, respectively. Last night, Perry performed in Glasgow, where a fan took this video:


Perry apparently had a great time, and the love appears to be mutual.


beckybo0: Screen shot of @KatyPerry kissing me 😉 awww!Didn’t expect my 1st proper girl kiss to be watched by 15,000 peeps!

Recently, some other  Glasgow fans posted a “Firework” cover on ukelele and kazoo:

And finally, a “Firework” cover from a 17-year-old  “self-taught,” “self-promoted,” and self-proclaimed “internet sensation,” who, is, according to herself, “evolving as the most in demand online music artist.” British singer Gabrielle Aplin says her success is “all achieved from the backdrop of her bedroom.”






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By Paul Hechinger