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'Caution: TARDIS Landing Area' via @DoctorLongscarf

Anticipation continues to build on Twitter on this Doctor Who’s Day. Here’s a look at some tweets and photos. The first one’s on us:

BBCAMERICA: #DoctorWho starts this Saturday and now we have new Twitter icons available

DoctorLongscarf: CAUTION: TARDIS LANDING AREA #doctorwho #drwhostreetsigns

DeathStarPR: Some new Daleks are red, Others are blue, No matter what type you meet, They’ll exterminate you. #DalekPoetry #DoctorWho

'Making everyone else's boyfriend look bad since 102 A.D.'



KatWithSword: A very good boyfriend: #doctorwho

yc_riot_girl: is it wrong to fall in love with a character from a tv show??#doctorwho #christophereccleston #davidtennant #mattsmith

kebindary: Just put a plastic laundry basket on my head and pretended I was a Dalek #goodtimes #doctorwho #ineedtogetalife

abby_queenofall: What do the #CannesFilmFestival and #DoctorWho have in common? I’m writing about one and listening to the other.

AbbyShot: Great Scott! China has banned TV shows and movies about time travel. But what about #DoctorWho

"One of these things is not like the other"



darkheartedrose: One of these things is not like the other… #DoctorWho

angelcollins1: So… I’m having a Doctor Who premiere party this Saturday. I’m so very excited about it. #DoctorWho

AilieMcGinley: i reckon the stone angels are the most terrifying doctor who creature. seriously, cant watch those episodes at night time.

katyardagh: Which cover to choose?! @TimeOutLondon #DoctorWho



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By Paul Hechinger