Pictures: London On The Eve Of The Wedding Part 2


All the cameras have gone to bed early.

I know I said it was busy before, but if anything, now the sun has gone down on all of the people sitting and waiting for the big day, it’s getting even more hectic now. There’s a mini-Glastonbury happening outside Westminster Abbey, with tents crammed on the pavements like pickles in a jar.

We’ll get to those pics in a second, but first, back to the Mall, and things are beginning to get a little silly.

Will and Kate

Look who we ran into! It's Will and Kate! No, really!

People were cruising up and down the Mall, waving flags at the people in tents on either side.

Girls in a car

Waving girls in a convertible

In ALL sorts of vehicles:

An olden-days fire engine

An olden-days fire engine

 Tents and taxi

And here it is from a tents-eye view.

A tent

In case this needs re-stressing, this is IN THE MIDDLE OF A CITY!

A union flag tent

Admit it, that's one cool tent.

So, as promised, here are the dark scenes outside Westminster Abbey:

The campers outside Westminster Abbey

The campers outside Westminster Abbey

More campers outside Westminster Abbey. They're actually there right now.

More campers outside Westminster Abbey

And finally, the piece de resistance. This grainy and slightly rubbish shot is of the London Eye, which has been lit up in red, white and blue. Trust me, in real life it looks FAR more amazing than this.

The London Eye

The London Eye

OK, that’s your lot. See you on the morrow for the real thing.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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