Pictures: London On The Eve Of The Wedding – Part 1

Union flag

Union flag on The Mall

MAN it’s busy out there! I’ve been walking the route that William and Kate’s carriage will take tomorrow, talking to a few people, looking at a few things, and I can exclusively reveal that this one small part of London has officially gone bonkers.

For starters, everywhere is draped in union flags (apparently you can’t call them union jacks unless they are on a ship), and not just the tourists. The Mall is lined with huge flags, as is Whitehall, and Westminster Square. Flags, and people setting up tents so that they’re in the perfect spot in the morning.

Flags, people setting up tents, and Richard Curtis, the writer of Four Weddings And A Funeral. I’m not even kidding. He was just out for a stroll, and walked straight past me. It’s MAGICAL out there!

Here’s a selection of photos, all taken around 4pm:


Whitehall, covered in flags.

Downing Street bunting

Even 10 Downing Street has bunting outside.


Tents lining The Mall

US students camping on The Mall

US students camping on The Mall

Hampshire Royalists here again and again

Brilliantly grumpy-sounding banner from some very nice Hampshire royalists.

Oh, you know that thing they say that the Queen must think everywhere in the world smells of fresh paint? Here’s why:

Panel painters on Horseguards Parade

Panel painters on Horseguards Parade

Just above where these men were painting, there was a huge speaker hanging from a crane, blasting out choral music. It’s tempting to wonder if this was a rehearsal at Westminster Cathedral, but it could just as easily have been a CD. It was beautiful, mind you.

Speaker on a crane

The speaker on a crane.

A family from San Diego

The lady on the left is English, the lady on the right is her daughter from San Diego, and the lady in the middle is HER daughter. And yes, they really did come over especially for the wedding.

Some concrete blogs

Nope, no idea what these are for.

'The King's Speech' bunting

Some 'The King's Speech' bunting. Little bit of product placement there?

That’s it so far, I’m off out again now, so come back soon for part 2!

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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