Monthly Archives: April 2011

WATCH: Henry Cavill in the Epic ‘Immortals’ Trailer

Before we get to see Henry Cavill flex some serious muscle in next year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel, the hunky Brit and fellow Tudors star will appear in Immortals.

Robert Pattinson Admits to Keeping an Eye on Fans Via Twitter

When it comes to being one of the world’s biggest stars, sharing a quiet dinner with friends or a significant other can be difficult to pull off sometimes. The paparazzi are seemingly always around and a host of squealing fans are …

Royal Roundup: Four Tons of Foliage Delivered to Westminster Abbey

It appears Kate wants to turn Westminster Abbey into a version of Sherwood Forest. Although it was expected the Abbey would have some floral decoration, many were surprised when more than four tons of foliage was delivered yesterday …

‘Doctor Who’ Fan Creates a Royal Wedding Dalek

Royal wedding mania is in absolute full effect, folks! If you’re one of the many royal enthusiasts hosting your own special soiree or if you’ve indulged in some of the creative royal wedding swag that’s out there, …

WATCH: Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon Impersonate Michael Caine at Tribeca

One of the highlights at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival has been Britain’s Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon doing impersonations of actor Michael Caine in their film The Trip.

No More Harry Potters For Daniel Radcliffe

As George Lucas will (probably not) tell you, the key to a successful franchise is to know when to stop. With the Harry Potter books, J.K.

BBC America Sponsors British Comedy Shorts at Atlanta Film Festival

No offense, Spike Lee: we all know that the Brits are the true original kings and queens of comedy. On Royal Wedding Friday (April 29), BBC America will celebrate British comedic royalty at the Atlanta Film Festival, sponsoring an …

Sacha Baron Cohen ‘Pushed’ Queen Into Freddie Biopic

If I’m honest, I never thought Queen were the choosiest of bands with regard to how their legacy is maintained. There’s the stage musical We Will Rock You for example, or the collaboration with the pop group Five on the song …

Brides Editor: ‘William and Kate Inspire the Romantic in All of Us’

On April 29, Brides Magazine editor-in-chief Millie Martini Bratten will join Royal Wedding Insider from London for live blog coverage of the royal wedding. Today she reflects on this momentous occasion — and why Prince William and Kate Middleton have commanded the world's imagination.

WATCH: ‘The Devil’s Double’ Trailer, Starring Dominic Cooper

In The Devil’s Double, English actor Dominic Cooper (An Education, Tamara Drewe) takes on his most powerful and darkest role yet as Saddam Hussein‘s evil son Uday. He also portrays his assigned body double Latif Yahia.