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Jessie J

Despite her growing popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, Jessie J has confessed that she’s not doing this music thing for the fame.

The 23-year-old English pop star, who brought the house down on Saturday Night Live last month, recently told British gossip magazine new! that making music and reaching the masses is what’s most important. The extra frivolous stuff that comes along with being a budding celebrity isn’t where it’s at for her.

“I didn’t come into this industry to be famous or to go to all the cool parties,” she explained. “I want to use my music to help people who are bombarded with negativity through the media and in some cases day-to-day life I want to bring them hope.”

Ok girl, we get it. But c’mon, it pretty much comes with the territory. Besides, numerous celebs have admitted to loving some of the perks that come along with being famous. Free designer clothes? Fancy vacations? The list goes on…

But let’s get back to Jessie J’s vibrant outlook… and it’s is one that comes from within. When she was just 18, the “Price Tag” singer had a small stroke, which ultimately encouraged her to make her professional goals a reality asap.

She said: “Of course that spurred me on to do what I’ve done. Life is not guaranteed to anyone and it made me realize that I had no time to waste. Age is just a number and life is what you make it.”

Words to live by? For sure!

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By MacKenzie Wilson