Girls Aloud NOT Recording Without Cheryl (But Still Not Recording)

Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud

Good news one and all (sort of). If you’ve been reading disturbing press rumors that Girls Aloud have reunited to try and record some new material without Cheryl Cole, seeing as Cheryl is so busy with the X Factor and all, well stop. It’s all fooey.

The band’s spokesperson sent a message to Perez Hilton which quashes the rumour once and for all, but it’s not exactly the most reassuring statement if you’re still waiting for new GA material.

They said: “Just to set the record straight. Girls Aloud have not started recording songs without Cheryl and are not going to reunite without her. The girls have always stated they will be a 5 piece group with all original members.”

Doesn’t exactly mean they’re in a hurry to get an album done, does it? And it’s not every day that you’ll hear us suggesting that the Girls girls should take a leaf out of Liam Gallagher’s book in terms of work ethic, but, well, now we are.

Speaking to the Irish Times earlier this week, Liam explained that he’s not interested in letting Beady Eye coast on the (lukewarm) acclaim they’ve already accrued. He’s a worker now: “We’re not going to put the ball down, sit around in a big house and go ‘We’re great’. We won’t be booking into the studio for months and months on end.”

“We’re not going to be rolling over this album into the next year. There will be an awesome second album coming soon. We’re responsible for our every move.”

See girls? THAT is how it’s done.

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