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David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria Beckham

You know what everyone thinks about the British, right? Snooty, class-obsessed, bound by etiquette and manners, and rather prim? Well, the good news is it’s not just people from outside of the UK that get the cold-shoulder treatment. We do it to everyone.

Take Victoria and David Beckham, who are scouting around for schools in Hertfordshire. They’re planning to move back to Blighty after their daughter is born, and so obviously they want to find the best school they can for Brooklyn, Toaster and Fightclub, their three boys.

(OK, OK, it’s Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.)

So, imagine their delight to have discovered Haberdashers’ Aske’s, a 300-year-old school for which you have to know the correct use of apostrophes before you can even apply to be a pupil. Former pupils include Little Britain’s Matt Lucas, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs, so it’s got some showbiz pedigree too.

Sadly, according to the Daily Mail, some of the school’s former pupils do not feel this is a match made in heaven. And they’ve been posting their feelings onto the parenting website Mumsnet.

One Mumsnetter called Sardine, speaking for a group who were concerned that the Beckham children would not have to pass the entrance exam, wrote: “Habs is not a school which is particularly open to parents buying their way in.”

Blu added: “It’s a very competitive school with high academic standards and if they [the children] don’t pass the exam I’d be quite shocked if they were accepted.”

Crazygracieuk provided the zinger, saying: “David and Victoria are working class. Victoria has mentioned in interviews that she never reads books so it would be surprising if someone like her had high academic goals for her dc [darling children] when they could easily get by with poor grades like the Royal Family.”


Luckily, the Beckhams did find some support. One mum went so far as to point out: “I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if, with this combination of genes, plus the very best of child-rearing environment (loving and affluent) they had quite enough academic ability to pass the entry exam.”

And let’s not forget, this is a school the family are RUMORED to be sending their children to. Imagine the furore if they actually got in.

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By Fraser McAlpine