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Carson Daly, Gordon Ramsay

Some might find Gordon Ramsay‘s ultra-tough talking ways a little hard to take here and there. But on the flip side, it’s his cantankerous persona that’s made shows such as Ramsay’s Best Restaurant and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares such massive hits.

Carson Daly considers himself a fervent Ramsay fan. In fact, the Last Call host has confessed that the British celebrity chef’s stern routine has influenced him in his new MC gig on The Voice, NBC’s reality singing competition which premieres on Tuesday night (April 26).

“Gordon Ramsay is somebody I’ve watched a lot of in the last few years because my girlfriend is a diehard foodie,” Daly recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “I watch a lot of Hell’s Kitchen and what I like about him is his honesty and the way he carries himself on camera. Music is my cooking — it’s what I’m passionate about — and the artists are like my chefs. I thought about what I enjoy when I watch him on TV, and I realized that it’s his no B.S. approach.”

Somewhere, out there, I’d like to think that Ramsay is slightly smiling while quietly chastising all the naysayers with a firm “I told ya so!”

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By MacKenzie Wilson