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Angry hashtagged criticisms expressing annoyance at other peoples’ behaviors trended on Twitter today in the UK. The three favorite phrases were #shutyodumbassup#gositinacorner, and #youdeservetobesingle. Nothing especially clever or witty, but what can you do? I guess just go sit in a corner.

devki_3:‎ people saying ‘i love you’ after they’ve been together one day.. #shutyodumbassup

VindiDaBoss:‎ If I ever offended u with tweets #ShutyoDUMBASSUP and press unfollow

HadjerBoum‎: #gositinacorner if you’re not gonna be any use to anyone!! X

sedatimberlake:‎ If you wear socks and sandals #gositinacorner

Miss_Karish:‎ If you don’t know the difference between FICTION & NONFICTION then #gositinacorner

bradley_bow:‎ if you use the word ‘lol’ in a real life conversation #gositinacorner

CHLOEHENNY:‎ If you get mad because someone unfollows you.. log off Twitter and #GoSitInACorner

Livi_K_26‎: Oh my gosh you’re crying! Are you okay? — Erm, just #gositinacorner

Chaz_Jeong:‎ if you don’t have the guts to speak for yourself, #youdeservetobesingle

jahongas:‎ If you ‘carnt spel wurds propely’ or ‘tlk lyk dis’, then #youdeservetobesingle.. better yet, #shutyodumbassup & #gositinacorner








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By Paul Hechinger