Monthly Archives: March 2011

Royal Roundup: Brush Up on Your Royal Etiquette

Just about the last place you want to commit a faux pas is at a royal wedding. BBC News has come to the rescue, publishing an etiquette guide. First, you need to get the royal rank straight.

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Gets a Full-Length New Season Trailer

Loving all of this Doctor Who content we're getting these days: in the past couple of weeks, we've had a Comic Relief mini-episode and a spooky web-exclusive prequel for the new season premiere. Today (March 30), BBC One has released a dramatic full trailer for the new season. Check it out:

When Harry Met Chelsy

Due to her on-again-off-again relationship with Prince Harry, Chelsy Davy has become a point of fascination for many royal watchers. But who is she? BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt takes a look.

Royal Roundup: Palace Reveals Wedding Reception Details

The plebes of the press have learned some details of the reception the Queen will hold for Kate and William after the ceremony. As the 900 guests devour canapés, they can wander through the grandest rooms of Buckingham Palace.