New TV Show Torments Singing Celebrities For Fun

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon

Before you read this story, you must first know this. We’re sorry. The UK is about to unleash a new type of celebrity reality endurance show on unsuspecting viewers. It’s a format which takes other celebrity reality endurance shows and kind of mashes them together in order to make a new celebrity reality endurance show, and is therefore very likely to make its way over to U.S. shores, like all the other celebrity reality endurance shows, and for that, we can only apologize.

The show is called Sing If You Can, and it essentially fuses the dunking, falling and splashing side of Wipeout, with the singing and performance side of American Idol, The X Factor etc.

Celebrity contestants will be invited to sing a lovely song, probably something well-known, y’know, from the same well-raided songbook that furnishes all of the other shows, only they’ll be placed in a position of mild jeopardy: hanging from a high wire, pelted by custard, buried alive, something like that.

The UK version will be presented by Radio 1′s Vernon Kay, and Stacey Solomon, who may need some explaining. Stacey first rose to UK fame as a contestant on The X Factor, and then went on to win this year’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here by essentially being at one and the same time shrill and squealy, and sweet and friendly.

She told The Sun: “I am really looking forward to it!”

Incidentally, did you know that the big UK night for this kind of nonsense is Saturday? That’s traditionally the big TV-watching night; has been for generations. It must be a weather thing…

Is there ANYTHING celebs won’t do on a TV show? Tell us here.

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