Lily Allen Opens Up About Miscarriage, Slams Madonna in New Doc

Lily Allen

Singer Lily Allen has provided a revealing peek into her life in a new documentary, Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags, set to premiere on the UK broadcaster Channel 4 on March 15. The film follows the opening of her clothing boutique for her fashion line Lucy in Disguise, which she created alongside her sister Sarah Owen.

But Allen also offers a glimpse at some very private pain, including a battle with an eating disorder (“I used to vomit after meals…it’s not something I’m proud of”) and her sadness over her second miscarriage last year. “It was a really long battle,” quotes The Daily Mail, “and I think that kind of thing changes a person.”

However, Lily Allen wouldn’t be Lily Allen without some comment on her fellow celebrities, and she picks on the grande dame of pop, Madonna, this time. According to The Mirror (via NME), Allen talks about how her pop career might progress once she reaches middle-age. “My idea of hell would be doing this in 25 years time…. I don’t want to be like Madonna, look at her, she’s mental. No offense but that is not what drives me. I want to get married and have kids and make sandwiches cutting the crusts off.”

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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