Sisters Joan and Jackie Collins Gab It Up with Piers Morgan

Jackie Collins and Joan Collins

Piers Morgan Tonight became the epicenter of an all-out seismic diva event this weekend when the British journalist invited actress Joan Collins and her novelist sister Jackie on his show Saturday night (March 5). It was the first-ever joint interview for the pair. Ms. Joan brought out the proper glam in a glittering gold top, and Jackie was a bit more demure with her jacket and choker. (Jackie does love her teal lapels, doesn’t she?)

Piers brought up the ongoing feud between Joan and her Dynasty rival, Linda Evans. Collins accused Evans of injuring her when they appeared in the play Legends back in 2007. Ms. Collins doesn’t think there’s any way back for the former co-stars’ “friendship.” “We were compatriots,” she says. “We were working actresses together. Now I’m very friendly with Diahann Carroll. We see each other all the time. We have dinner together. But most of [the Dynasty cast] have disappeared. I don’t know where they are.”

Here’s a clip from the episode…Collins says if Dynasty does come back, “it will come back in a different form. Like an amoeba.”

And we can’t discuss Joan and Jackie Collins without paying some respects to Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French‘s legendary parody of the sisters’ relationship, “Lucky Bitches.” It has lipstick, it has sex, it has men, it has women…it has more lipstick…

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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