Awesome Alert: Build Your Own ‘Doctor Who’ Action Figures

OK, Doctor Who fans, weekend project: CyberDrone, a Deviant Art user destined for Internet legend status, has posted a whole set of custom Cubecraft templates for characters from Doctor Who.

You print ’em out, fold ’em up, and voilà — you have your own set of Doctor Who action figures, complete with several versions of the TARDIS, K-9, and a multitude of Daleks and other monsters. Oh and a freakin’ Pandorica. A Pandorica, folks. Genius.

All 11 Doctors are represented: the first two Time Lords even have B&W versions. Very witty, you are, CyberDrone.


There’s also River, Rory, Amy, Martha, Rose, Captain Jack Harkness, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane, Ace, Turlough, Tegan, Nyassa, Jo Grant, Leela, and Susan Foreman. (But, someone correct me if I’ve overlooked her, there’s no Donna Noble?) And there’s a Master and a Dream Lord.

We couldn’t resist testing out these templates for ourselves. Here’s our little Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) in all his bow-tied glory:


Via MTV Geek.

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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