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Jessie J

There are times when the entertainment world can be in such a hurry to honor something that they don’t even wait for the last brush strokes to be applied or the varnish to dry. The BBC’s Sound Of… poll, the Brit Awards and their pre-emptive Critic’s Choice trophy, all seeking to recognize the achievements of someone who hasn’t had any achievements yet.

Which is all perfectly fine — especially in the music world, which pretty much lives on hyperbole and extravagant prediction — except there must be a lingering doubt in the heads of the organizers of these massive public awards ceremonies; someone must be collating all of these hipster tips and trying to ignore the frightened voice at the back of their mind which constantly squeaks “what if we’re all wrong?”

And if there is, that person will be breathing a huge sigh of relief today, as Jessie J, the girl who scooped the Sound of 2011 and Critic’s Choice trophies before she had even released a proper single, struts up to No.1 in the UK singles chart.

Here’s “Price Tag” (which also features B.o.B):

And it’s a double victory for the tipsters, because Jessie’s strident ode to self-empowerment “Do It Like a Dude” is still happily hanging on at No.7, which means she’s already escaped the dreaded one-hit wonder trap. And it means people can stop going on about how Jessie also wrote “Party In the U.S.A.” for Miley Cyrus, as if this is the only interesting thing about her past.

Of course, this has all happened in between the announcement of her Brits win and the actual ceremony, which doesn’t take place until February 15th.

That’s a whole week in which she can either take over all of entertainment as we know it, or disappear entirely. Who says these things are a foregone conclusion?

For the rest of this week’s chart, Radio 1 has the full rundown.

Are these pre-emptive awards a good way to support new talent? Tell us your thoughts.

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By Fraser McAlpine