The “Kate Middleton” Look Is Hot New Trend in NYC

A Kate Middleton lookalike

Remember when Jennifer Aniston‘s hair was all the rage amongst the fun and fashionable in the mid-90s? Well, as royal wedding fever escalates on this side of the Atlantic, the Kate Middleton look has apparently become the new “Rachel.”

Sima Kotecha, U.S. reporter for BBC News, writes: “In New York, where fashion is a necessity rather than an option, her feather hats, knee length dresses, and fitted tweed coats have already sparked interest. Ask locals to describe the Middleton look, and the words ‘beautiful’, ‘elegant’, and ‘sophisticated’ are frequently among the responses.”

“But it’s not just what she wears that is creating inspiration in this part of the world. Her hairstyle – chocolate, wavy, tumbling – is also starting to be emulated.” One upscale hair salon in Midtown claims that as many as 20 women a day come in asking for the Middleton ‘do.

To explore this phenomenon in its natural habitat, BBC went behind-the-scenes as a real New York woman, 24-year-old MacKenzie Doughtery, transformed her smooth brunette locks into a buoyant Middleton ‘do. “After hours sitting in the hairdresser’s chair, MacKenzie is ready to hit the streets. She’s optimistic the new hairdo will give her some extra luck: ‘Hopefully I’ll find my Prince Charming.'”

Have you spotted any Kate Middleton hairdos in your area? What do you think of her style?

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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