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The Clash‘s third album, London Calling, is set for an exciting biopic based on the recording of the band’s epic 1979 double-album.<

According to the BBC, founding members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon will serve as executive producers, while English playwright and film writer/director Jez Butterworth (Jerusalem, Mojo) will be in charge of the script. Alison Owen, mum to British pop star Lily Allen, will team up with Paul Trijbits of Ruby Film and Television to produce London Calling.

“Fans of The Clash all over the world have been waiting a long time to see their extraordinary story played out properly and accurately on the big screen,” said Owen.

“We’re happy that Mick and Paul have given the project their blessing and are on board to help steer the ship,” she added.

London Calling was a Top 10 hit in the UK and its call-to-arms lead single landed on the Top 20 singles chart overseas. It’s socio-political mix also included freewheeling standouts like “Spanish Bombs,” “Clampdown” and “Lost in the Supermarket”.

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By MacKenzie Wilson