WATCH: Trailer for Syfy’s ‘Being Human’ Remake

Check out the newly released trailer for the U.S. version of Being Human, which premieres on Syfy in January. The remake does not stray from the UK original’s concept, which is a twentysomething dramedy with a supernatural twist. A vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf live together as roommates, and the series follows their attempts to blend in to the human world.

There looks to be very strong similarities between the original (which aired on BBC America) and the remake, even down to the shot compositions. In the U.S. version, Smallville‘s Sam Witwer takes on Aidan Turner‘s role as the vampire, Meaghan Rath slips into Lenora Crichlow‘s grey jumper as the ghost, and Sam Huntington plays Russell Tovey‘s werewolf part.

Have a look at the preview:

What do you think about Syfy’s trailer for the U.S. Being Human?

by Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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