Dalek Spotted in L.A. Ahead of Matt Smith’s Craig Ferguson Appearance

 We’ve had TARDIS sightings, but what about those despicable Daleks, also known as the Doctor’s arch-nemeses on the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who? One of these armored menaces turned up in L.A. yesterday, alongside all the other riff-raff on Santa Monica Boulevard, and we’ve got the exclusive photo.

You might also recall that Matt Smith, who plays the Doctor, landed in Hollywood yesterday for his appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which will air tonight. (Check your local listings.) Coincidence? I think not, folks.

Here’s a note from our source: “Spotted yesterday morning on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, a Dalek. There have been no signs of the Daleks ‘checking in’ on Foursquare, so their current location is not certain.”

Craig Ferguson posted the following on Twitter on Friday, “Confirmed Dalek for Doctor Who special on Tues 16. For those who don’t know Daleks are bitter grumpy aliens. Remind you of anyone?”

Could this be related? Last night on The Late Late Show, Mr. Ferguson brought out one of these epic baddies for his opening monologue:

by Kevin Wicks and Devin Johnson

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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