Tony Blair Defends George W. Bush’s Intelligence on ‘Letterman’

 Last night, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair joined The Late Show with David Letterman to push his much-discussed memoir, A Journey. Of course, we knew that Letterman would address the elephant in the room, which was Blair’s tight friendship with our mercilessly mocked former President George W. Bush. Letterman danced around his real question, prettying it up with politeness, saying, “In the book you have flattering things to say about George Bush in an area that I was surprised by, in terms of his intellect.” In short: did you, Mr. Prime Minister, think Bush was a bleeding idiot?

Prime Minister Blair kept it classy, though, responding, “I remember back in the 1980s, people – particularly on my side of politics, the progressive side – used to say that Ronald Reagan was an idiot, and of course that was never true. You don’t get to this position by being a fool.” Yes, Mr. Blair, you are still welcome to chill at the Bush compound in Texas anytime.

Watch Blair’s response below:

What did you think of Blair’s interview with Letterman and his response to Letterman’s question about former President Bush?

by Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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