David Mitchell: “My Parents Never Watched Doctor Who”

David Mitchell, star of BBC AMERICA’s Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, thinks it’s interesting that Doctor Who is popular with adults these days. From The Mirror:

“My parents never watched Doctor Who – it wouldn’t have occurred to them to do so,” said Mitchell.

“They might have been fond of it, they might have said, ‘Oh yes, I used to watch that as a child’. What they wouldn’t go on to say was ‘…and I still do now.'” He added: “These days, a huge amount of stuff seems to be aimed at children, but with the assumption that adults – and not just parents – will consume it too.”

UPDATED: Here’s video of Mitchell discussing Doctor Who in The Guardian’s Comment is Free section.

This brings up an interesting point: Doctor Who is perceived historically as a “family show” in the UK. Executive producer Steven Moffat himself says that Who is meant to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. What do you think? And if you have kids, do you watch Doctor Who with them?

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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