Sir Paul, SuBo Lined Up for That Musical Show on Fox

Speaking of phenomena that have eluded me: Glee. I find that show (and much of the cast’s “singing”) hard to sit through. (The Choir is much better, in my humble opinion.) I’m a pariah in my social circle due to this very fact. Yet the musical-comedy is an indisputable success with critics, audiences, Emmy voters, and recording artists themselves. Even a massive legend like Sir Paul McCartney is busy Fed Ex-ing out mixtapes to get his material on the show. Hey, times are hard: the music industry is currently built on a sinking bed of sand, and Glee, which exposes veteran artists to the tween set, is one of the few things shoring it up.

Meanwhile, as rumored months ago, Susan Boyle has been cast for the show’s Christmas special. “She is expected to play a high school lunch lady,” BBC NEWS reports. Oh the irony: given Boyle’s financial woes, the multi-million-selling recording diva probably takes home about the same pay as a real-life hash slinger. Don’t you just love record companies?

Kevin Wicks

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