Real-Life Ghost Invades the Being Human Set?

Here’s some spooky news for your Friday the 13th…apparently, the set of Being Human has been invaded by a real-life ghost, and cast and crew are kinda freaking out about it. The team over at BBC’s UK Being Human blog stopped by the new set in Wales and learned about the uninvited guest:

It seems an unidentified figure has appeared three times, interrupting shots and even pushing a coffee cup across the room. Russell and several members of the crew are convinced that building is haunted, while Aidan is the most vocal of the non-believers.

Here’s a bit of video the BH blog folks shot, featuring Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner looking very dishy:

From the looks of it, the cast and crew are handling the new visitor pretty well. Outside of the whole coffee-cup-leaping-off-a-table incident, the ghost appears to just want to hang out and party with the cool kids. And who wouldn’t?

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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